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Meet BlockPress – powerful Block theme

Change the workflow for your WordPress site, control everything from Site editor without using any extra plugins. Improved speed, web vitals score and SEO to get better positions.

Optimized assets

No jquery and libraries

Theme doesn’t use jquery, icon or javascript libraries and fast as possible


Design features

Theme has bundled design possibilities and style variations and helper classes


Edit everything

Full site editing allows to edit any page or element of site directly in editor


Termine, Ergebnisse & Events.

We’ve gone over everything you could possibly want to have. You are one step closer to success.


Easily add predefined or custom animations to any block. Choose between regular, on scroll or GSAP js.


Improved Mobile optimized layouts and special Mobile responsive options to make different look for gadgets


Choose predefined patterns, headers, footers, single page styles, core block styles, presets and colors.


Theme uses special conditional asset loading. it means that all styles and scripts are generated on fly.

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Questions and answers


Is it free product?

Yes, it’s free and will be always free. We don’t plan to sell functionality, we plan to sell only extra blocks and Starter site packs


What is Block based theme?

It’s new way how WordPress themes are working and loaded. Everything is based on blocks and you can change/replace any part of site in Editor without using extra plugins.


Do we need to use plugins for this page?

This page is made totally in theme without using any plugins. However we recommend to install Greenshift page builder to extend design possibilities. It’s free and bundled with theme

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